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To our prospective landlords...

As a participating landlord, you are providing an opportunity for a participating family of your choice, who is in the HCVP program, an opportunity to become more self-sufficient, while receiving guaranteed rent! PRHA creates dynamic partnerships with landlords like you, our residents, community stakeholders and our entire community at large to ensure we continue to be the catalyst for quality affordable housing and community revitalization.

As a landlord participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, you receive:
  • Timely customer service from PRHA Staff
  • Good clients. PRHA conducts criminal history background checks on all potential Housing Choice clients. Landlords are able to develop their own selection criteria, as well. A participating landlord is not required to rent to a family that does not meet all eligibility requirements.
  • Low Vacancy Rates. Because clients are looking for quality affordable housing, a Housing Choice landlord may not frequently have a vacant property.
  • Direct Deposit. All Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) are Direct Deposit to ensure that your payment is made to your bank account timely.

If you decide to participate in the program, landlords should be prepared to furnish proof of legal ownership of any units(s) that are offered under the program. (This is a requirement of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Virginia HUD office).

Please complete the form below to add your property to the list of available properties to our clients.


Additional information: PRHA recommends all landlords conduct a rental history background check or suitability background check in accordance with fair housing, state, and local laws.



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