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Better Your Life

What does it mean to be self-reliant? Taking care of yourself? Making a living? Supporting your family? Being self-reliant can begin with accomplishments like these. But, real self-sufficiency starts when you look beyond the worries of day-to-day living and begin to shape your own future. Resident Services at PRHA connects public housing residents with opportunities in education, job training and employment.

Funding through HUD, along with strong partnerships with community organizations, make possible a great many of the programs and opportunities offered to residents. Our goal is to provide programs and resources for residents to help you improve the quality of your family life, promote and encourage self-determination and self-sufficiency, and avoid pitfalls that can hold you back.

Self-Sufficiency: Helping residents achieve a level of personal and financial responsibility that would permit them to support their families without welfare and perhaps, ultimately, without housing assistance. Quality of Life: Helping disabled and elderly low-income persons achieve a level of personal and financial stability and independence.

The following programs are active at our properties:

Pecan Acres Estates
  • Food Pantry - Every 3rd Tuesday
  • SEDA Now – Every Monday
Sycamore Towers
  • Food Pantry Every 3rd Tuesday
  • Good News Baptist Church
  • Resident Association Meeting Every 2nd Tuesday
  • Housing Management Meeting Every 3rd Wednesday
Pin Oaks Estates
  • Food Pantry Every 3rd Tuesday
  • Faith and Hope Church-G.L.A.M.O.R.E./S.W.A.G.-Every 3rd Tuesday
  • SEDA–Every Monday
  • Movie Time Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Reading Room Monday, Wednesday, and Friday